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Mas Agung SBF by Lemi4 Mas Agung SBF by Lemi4
I'd love to say that I created the Depth of Field effect by lightly erasing the foreground using cotton or a very soft eraser; which is how a traditionalist charcoal artisan would achieve such an effect. But I'd be lying.

What I did was, I duplicated the image into a new layer in front of the original, gaussian-blurred the new layer, and then erased the parts that I want to stay focused (ie. Mas Agung).

Mas Agung is the program head at the Sacred Bridge Foundation (still my current office as of March 2007). I sketched Mas Agung in about 15 - 20 minutes (still kinda slow). The notepad I used was sized A5, 10.5x14cm more or less, so this image is a bit blown-up when seen on a PC screen. He usually stays relatively still for that long, especially when playing Super Bounce Out after office hours :) Mas Agung is a 40-year-old-[/young?]-ish father of four. His long hair, beard, and moustache all have streaks of grey and white.

He left his desk not long after that. I took my time completing the foreground details. About an hour or two, if I'm not mistaken. The foreground is this sort of multi-layered backless cupboard, filled with statuettes, awards, audio CDs and whatnots. On the right-hand side, just slightly jutting its butt, is a 29-inch TV set atop a table. Mas Agung's desk lies behind this cupboard.

Media: mechanical 2B pencil on old recycled letterhead. Image retouching and manipulation done with Photoshop, but still very much possible with the GIMP.

Update 2013: Mas Agung Waskito had passed away on December 12th, 2012. He was a great teacher, persistent & humble to the end, and he is dearly missed. Here's his obituary, published at Listen To The World dot Net:
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