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June 3, 2005
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Mikrolet Workshop by Church by Lemi4 Mikrolet Workshop by Church by Lemi4
On non-Sundays the area in front of my church becomes a Mikrolet workshop. Like this particular day a couple of months ago. Mikrolets are one of the many modes of public transportation available to citizens of Jakarta. They are mostly refurbished minibus cars of the brand 'Kijang.' My family's Kijang is the one on the left.

No, I was not planning on converting my family car; I was going to church to have a practice session with my church's youth band. The church is some ways far from my home, I either have to take a one-hour bus ride, switching three times, or take the car when the car's free. I play flute.

As I arrived early, sitting in front of a cigarette kiosk near the church, on a whim I decided to draw what was in front of me. Kind of fun seeing my car sorta mesh in with its brothers. My mistake as you can see here is that I lost track of the vanishing point, which should have been directly behind my Kijang (I think I had reasoned that I can't possibly be the center). There was also some neighborhood kids playing football on the street (that's soccer to you Yanks), but I didn't feel like pushing my luck. I'd fix it but the scene's already lost; besides I already like the way it looks as a wallpaper.

Drawn using a 2B Faber Castel on 80gsm size A4 stock; placed on a sketchpad on my lap while sitting on a tattered pseudo-sofa. Artificially aged using Photoshop CS (by applying auto-levels). I just discovered for myself that A4 scaled to 1280 pixels wide leaves a nice block at the bottom just big enough to fit a large WinXP taskbar.
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