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New Year's 2005 by Lemi4 New Year's 2005 by Lemi4
A screenshot of my Mandrake 10.0 desktop, taken using the GIMP's screen-capture function (file/capture/screenshot).

The wallpaper was photographed at new year's 2005 using a Canon Powershot A40, cropped and turned into duotone orange-black in Photoshop CS. Placed the Powershot on top of a standing fan on top of a foldable chair at an angle behind me, and timed the delay for ten seconds. The screen on the shot is showing the bottom part of my WinXP desktop at the time. I had toyed with the idea of using the GIMP (I think). Why I finished it on Photoshop, I don't know.

On taking this screenshot discovered for the first time that screenshots captured on a Linux desktop must be taken by an application; as opposed to pressing the Print Scrn button and opening Photoshop (or Paint Brush) in Windows. I like Linux's method better; since the time waiting for the GIMP to open has passed (which is very short compared to waiting for Photoshop CS to open in Windows, btw). But that's just nitpicking.

Taken because the desktop's days are numbered. I've just bought a copy of Fedora Core 3 on CDs for Rp 20.000 (about US$ 2). And I haven't decided on wether to install it or to delete the Linux partition altogether to make room for Windows. On planning the latter I was thinking of postponing FC3 until I've bought myself a new 160 GB harddisk. While we're at it I might add that it's cheaper to buy a set of FC3 CDs as opposed to buying a pirated set of WinXP-SP2 CDs, along with a copy of MS Office, Adobe CS, Norton (you can't surf without at least Norton; and Spybot S&D and AdAware), and whatever other apps you want. But I digress; we're here to talk about the screenshot, not FOSS and software piracy in Indonesia.
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June 3, 2005
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